Pet Policy

You can bring one (or two, if they are exceptionally petite) pets per seat booked, space permitting.


No crates are required for dogs of any size. Calm and friendly dogs can sit on your lap or by your side in the cabin, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey for you both. Nippy dogs must be muzzled. Aggressive dogs will not be allowed on the plane (or into your destination country). Please limit water, and don’t feed your dog for three hours prior. As always, you are responsible for your dog’s mess, so please bring poop bags.


Our feline friends must remain in their carriers during the flight, ensuring their safety and security throughout the journey.


Say goodbye to long queues for customs or security checks. With PERRO AIR, you and your pets get the VIP treatment, bypassing the long lines and streamlining your travel experience.


Our luxury private jet cabins provide a calm and comfortable atmosphere, ensuring a stress-free journey for you and your pets. We also offer complimentary refreshments to our human passengers, further enhancing your experience.

Luggage Allowance

Each passenger is entitled to bring one soft, duffle-type bag less than 30lbs/12 kg and a small personal item. More room for animals! Sorry, but we aren’t Delta😉

At PERRO AIR, we offer affordable flights by cutting unnecessary expenses. We trust that you, as an experienced traveler, will find this process easy and enjoyable. After all, you’ll be on a private jet with your beloved animal(s) by your side (instead of worrying about them having a stressful ride as cargo or under a plane). Every minute of your journey is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable.

To ensure a smooth experience, please arrive at the airport 90 minutes before your flight. The PERRO AIR and airport staff will assist you and your pets with the check in process, and make sure you board the appropriate plane. We aren’t going to carry you or roll out some silly red carpet to make you feel like a prince and/or princess, even if you are a prince and/or princess. We offer shared private jet flights with pets and refreshments. That’s it.

Our routes consist of one way (same day) flights between Florida and Costa Rica. We confirm your flight once we reach the minimum number of passengers and pets required for the complete route. We’ll keep you regularly updated on the status of your flight. Please share our website on your social media platforms and leave us a positive review, as it helps us fill planes more easily and keep costs down.

If the minimum number of passenger bookings is not met, we may have to cancel the flight(s). However, we will inform you at least 28 days in advance and offer a 100% refund or accommodate you on a future flight. We anticipate a high demand for PERRO AIR and foresee minimal cancellations. We encourage you to share our information with like-minded friends, as our goal is to make pet-friendly travel as affordable as possible.

Please note that PERRO AIR is an indirect air carrier. We do not own or operate any aircraft directly. All our flights are operated by licensed, pet-friendly U.S. air carriers, ensuring the utmost safety standards for you and your pets.

Join us at PERRO AIR and embark on a journey that offers a whole new level of convenience, where your pets are valued companions throughout. Book your seat today and indulge in the joy of shared private jet flights with your furry friends.